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You probably think advertising and marketing your business is expensive and that print advertising doesn’t work…

Well, you are wrong!

These advertisers know there is an affordable and effective print advertising solution

Let me introduce you to their secret…

Imagine a newspaper that spreads the word about your small business on the Peninsula for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising…where your ad is the only one in your business category so your competition is shut out for ever…and that’s small enough so your ad doesn’t get lost in a blur of overcrowded pages.

No, you’re not dreaming.

Introducing Coffee News, a small, free newspaper where news is fun, advertising is inexpensive…and it works!

Coffee News Makes Every Advertising Dollar Count in a Tough Economy

Let’s Face it — You have no room for waste in your small business’ advertising budget.

Coffee News to the Rescue!

Coffee News -Place your ad here exclusively!

  • Guaranteed exposure. The small format and built-in psychological triggers mean that readers ALWAYS see your ad. We know how to create ads that bring you more customers.
  • All ads are the same size. The big guys with deep pockets can’t elbow you out with huge displays.
  • Local distribution. You can find us at over 350 Peninsula locations from fine dining establishments to fast food restaurants and other places where people wait, and we’re adding more every day.
  • We target specific regions – each with over 150 distribution points. This allows your ad to be targeted and affordable.
  • Over 25,000 people could be reading your ad every week. The Virginia Peninsula is a casual kind of place. And what’s more casual than sitting down for a cup of coffee or a meal, grabbing Coffee News and enjoying a quick, entertaining read. That’s how Coffee News can help you can tap into a HUGE pool of local customers.
  • Readers LIKE you right from the start! We publish only good news and we add in quirky facts that make people smile. And when people like the paper, they like you too because they see you as part of a fun-loving group.

So… if you want to slam the door on your most formidable competitors, (they won’t even know what hit them)

…if you’re tired of paying big bucks for small results… if you want to be sure that potential customers will actually SEE and READ your ad,  call Mike Seitz, publisher of Coffee News, at 757-941-7366 today or click here to learn more and sign up now!

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